May 19, 2016


Bruce Redman – Caloundra OLD

I have been erecting steel frames houses and commercial developments for 30 years. I was CCC School Gympie finished (9)contracted to erect a house in Coolum on the Sunshine Coast Qld and to assist with the erecting of a 600sqm Early Learning Centre at Gympie QLD using trusses from The Steel Framing Company in Bega NSW.

I was impressed on every level on how well the posts, floor system, frames and trusses were manufactured for the job at Coolum and Gympie and how well it all came together. Dealing with business owners, Will and Sarah, was a pleasure. Their expertise and support was invaluable. I highly recommend The Steel Framing Company in Bega NSW and I will certainly look forward to erecting their steel frames in the future.

I will be happy to give a personal testimony if it is required.

Richard and Toni Robertson – Araluen NSW

To Whom It May Concern:

As owner builders we required fabrication of steel roof trusses for a 30 degree pitch roof and 6 degree radius verandah roof. The roof required a combination of hips, valleys and gables. We approached The Steel Framing Company (TSFC) because we were dissatisfied with the specifications and cost proposed by another building company. We approached several companies in the area including TSFC.

We telephoned Will and Sarah of TSFC and arranged a meeting at their factory in Bega. It was evident from the beginning that they were an impressively competent and knowledgeable team. Their suggestions and ultimate solutions to fulfil our requirements took place through professional and friendly discussions. The CAD drawings were produced quickly and efficiently. The proposal by TSFC was higher quality, higher wind loading and the price was very pleasing.

Our phone calls and emails were promptly returned and we were kept informed of the progress of the fabrication. All timeframes for completion and delivery were met. The installation instructions were clear and concise with the invitation to phone Will at any time if there were questions. The componentry and fasteners were complete and sufficient and the installation was completed without any problems.

Numerous tradesmen have commented on the design and strength of our roof trusses and verandah frames. Council inspectors also commented on the quality and robustness of the framing. It was a great pleasure dealing with Will and Sarah of The Steel Framing Company (TSFC) and can recommend them highly.
-Richard and Toni Robertson

Ali – Kangaroo Valley NSW

Good morning Will,Kangaroo Valley sfs (2)
Thank you to you and your wife for all you are helping mum with, this is a first for mum (owning her own home) and we all appreciate the extra lengths you both go to, to make mum’s journey that little bit easier.

From our family to yours, we wish you all the best over the festive season. Kind regards,
-Ali and family ?

Phil Rothwell – Ebor NSW

Will,Ebor frames (15)
A local builder called in to have a look at the kit and steel floor system here at Ebor. “OVERKILL” was the description he used.

As an engineer I think this is very comforting, as with climate change a reality, an engineered design that exceeds the wind rating for the area is peace of mind for the future.

Also that engineered design is uncompromised by short cuts that may have been taken and hidden in the build by a builder or their (often) poorly skilled or unprofessional trades staff.
-Phil Rothwell

Cooloola Building Approvals – Gympie QLD

Cooloola Building Approvals in Gympie are proud to be associated with The Steel Framing Company. They are a local firm in Gympie where Will, (the owner) gave me the privilege of seeing first hand the machine and computer program which designs and cuts the framing to size.

I was impressed with the manufacture of the product. With all the connecting screws being countersunk at each joint allows the internal and external lining to fit flush against the studs and noggings with no bulging of the lining where the framing is screwed together. On my first frame inspection of a new home, I asked the owner builders if they had any trouble with the assembly of the framing as their frame arrived as a flat pack. Their response was “brilliant” everything went together perfectly and with the manual provided one could not make a mistake.

Should any person wish to speak to me personally on my opinion of the steel framing, I would be only to pleased.
-Dennis Jones, Building certifier No. Al1566

Jess – QLD

We were so very impressed with the quality of the Steel frame shed we bought; it exceeded our expectations in Howard cabin (3)every-way possible. Nothing was left out of the kit even safety gloves were included! We didn’t have to buy anything else to finish build everything had been thought of. There were ample screws and things left over, and the screws, bolts and things are all very good quality as well.

We were first time builders so we needed a lot of things explained to us, which Sarah was so helpful with. There were so many emails and phone calls back and forth and she was just so patient with us which was just so great. We highly recommend the Steel Framing Company to anyone looking to build. They are such high quality, easy to build, and are a great company to deal with. Thanks very much! If we ever build again we will be using The Steel Framing Company.
-Jess (QLD)

Opray QLD

Early in 2010 our son decided he would like to build on land he had acquired in Gympie. After investigation he Pie Creek (5)decided that contracting a project builder was going to be just too expensive and, after considerable family discussion decided to build a kit home.

I am a retired mortgage broker and my wife is an accountant. Our son is a specialist crane operator – so building was not, by any stretch of the imagination, our forte. It was pretty obvious that we would need backup and support as we did not have a good working knowledge of the building industry. Apart from the owner builder course and the necessary permits, we had to find a kit home manufacturer, preferably a local company or had the resources that we could access 7 days a week. After all, we would be doing the majority of the work on weekends when most businesses are closed.

We wanted easy to read instructions, clear illustrated diagrams and plain English explanations. In short we wanted to know what went where and why. We also wanted to know that if we had a problem that there would be someone on the end of a phone to help. The analytical one in our midst (my wife) researched: manufacturers, availability, back up and after sales service, material, literature, and designs on offer. We were convinced that The Steel Framing Company had what we were looking for. We were subsequently invited to tour the factory in Gympie and were supplied with after-hours phone numbers for not only the warehouse manager but also the owner. A comment on the bottom of every page of the manual “if in doubt ask” said it all for us. The kit we purchased included the floor system. We stored all of the kit in a 40ft container. The flooring was delivered separately and lived beside the container until it was laid.

We had decided very early in the piece that if we didn’t get the stumps right then we would have problems all the way through. Once we had the levels done, The Steel Framing Company tailored the stumps to suit the fall on the land. We then employed a carpenter to have the holes dug and the stumps cemented in. Cost for this part was approximately $4000 and was the best $4k we spent.

From there on it was follow the directions and plain sailing. The steel work went up, the floor went down and the wall panels went up. We worked on a four board pattern for the verandah floor to get all the joins lining up. The verandah floor took 7,800 screws and I am pleased to say we had plenty left over from what was supplied in the kit. If anything, all components in the kit were over supplied.

We then re-employed our carpenter to help lay the roof. In Queensland all the ridge capping has to be scalloped in and this we just couldn’t do on our own. Besides, he had the scaffolding etc. Once the roof was on we fitted the external cladding, the doors and windows and we were at lockup.

Once at lockup it was a matter of getting the trades (plumber, electrician etc). Even though the house is a kit home, unless you are a licensed tradesman in all fields you will need external help.

We started the house with a bare block the first week in June and our son moved in with the house fully painted inside etc. on the 1st of December some 6 months later. As far as tools are concerned: we purchased a Hitachi battery drill kit that had a cordless drill and an impact driver, which was invaluable, a string line, square, level (long one) tinsnips, grinder, what they call a christmas tree drill bit (it has progressive drill steps) and a drop saw with a tungsten tip blade. As we were laying the wooden deck, ladders, socket and shifter for nuts and bolts completed our tool box. The christmas tree was worth the $26 when we came to drilling the steel for the floor system.

At the end of the day all the trades we employed commented on how square and well-built the house was. Neither tiler nor plasterer had to pack walls and corners out to get a good square finish. The kit was of first-class quality and, if anything, somewhat over-engineered. This was borne out by the many comments to that effect by our building certifier.

We have no hesitation in recommending The Steel Framing Company. Ours was a pleasant experience. Sure, it’s hard work but with the support and backup we received, at no stage did we feel that it was beyond us. We had cause to ring the owner of The Steel Framing Company on a Sunday afternoon and he happily provided the advice and assistance we required. With a timber floating floor, good quality kitchen and appliances, and modern lighting and colour scheme, the house now looks like something out of a House & Garden magazine.

Peter Jones – Buxton QLD

I have been a builder for 25 years. I have been building steel frame homes for 10 years, which have mainly been welded. I am astonished at the quality I have been working with using The Steel Framing Company’s house frames. The home was constructed so easily and so quickly. The precision in the joints is amazing. It is a strong product that is going to withstand the test of time. The friend who helped me construct the home was also astounded.

I offered my testimonial to The Steel Framing Company, as I am more than happy to endorse their product as one of the best, if not the best on the market. I would be more than happy to work on these every day of the week. Working with such quality is just a pleasure. It was a cyclonic rated home and the customer is safe in the knowledge that this house will protect their family.
Please feel free to call me and ask me anything about the product.
-Peter Jones ‘The Travelling Chippy’

Phil Rothwell – Ebor NSW

Without exception simply assembling the wall frames and leaving one k piece screw out till last, or both screws loose till last, is all that is required to align the diagonals to same length.

You can rough in the frame to get the diagonals even length with a light kick in a corner within a few mm
Then when you TIGHTEN up the K pieces last, the frames are usually within plus / minus 1mm of the spec without any further adjustment required.

I’m amazed how accurate your machinery puts those locating dimples, over a diagonal length of 5000 mm involving many dimples that is simply amazing.
-Phil Rothwell