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We are an Australian owned and operated company and only manufacture steel frame homes using top quality Australian steel.





There are many things to consider when comparing the quality of one steel frame to another. We don’t even mention timber framing as you are obviously here because you want to build in steel.

The language of steel frames:

  • there are different thicknesses of steel framing ranging from 0.55mm, 0.75mm and 0.95mm. At TSFC we don’t supply 0.55mm. In our opinion it is too thin and can strip when screwed. The 0.55mm frames are usually pop riveted together. At TSFC we use a specialised steel house framing screw. It is easy to install and much stronger than rivets. You can also remove if required and refix.
  • there are also different shapes of sections – lipped and unlipped C section. At TSFC  we have a lipped C section. The lip on our C section is 12mm and it gives the section 60% more strength than the unlipped C section. We can also use the 12mm lip to screw into when required.
  • At TSFC, we can box our lipped C section to give more strength for door frames or trusses, when the engineering requires it, allowing for more design options. TSFC frames are notched and swaged (which means they sit flat when assembled). This gives a flat surface to make it easier for gyprocking saving time. Stud and plate type framing tends to bulge where the stud enters the plate.
  • At TSFC, we space our trusses at a maximum of 900mm spacing, not 1200mm, which makes for a stronger building and safer for the occupants.
  • At TSFC our external wall frames have a maximum spacing of 450mm and a stud will be under each truss.
  • What is supplied with your framing? At TSFC we supply dampcourse, screwbolts (M12 externally and M10 internally), fixings to assemble and erect the steel wall frames and trusses, truss brackets, strap bracing,
  • TSFC do not engineer to the bare minimum.
  • At TSFC our frames are strong.

When comparing systems you need to understand the system and compare apples with apples.

Steel wall frames and steel roof trusses are our specialty. We design, detail, manufacture and supply steel wall frames and roof trusses predominantly for residential homes. We also offer steel sub-floor systems on posts, joists and bearers ideal for flat or sloping sites.

We do not supply any timber house framing.

If you have any questions with regards to steel framed homes, we are happy to answer any questions about our steel framed homes. Your safety is paramount and we at TSFC take that seriously. We are just so proud of the steel framed homes we send to our customer’s knowing they will be safe in one of our quality manufactured steel framed homes.

“It’s what you don’t see, that gives your home strength and integrity.”
Will Middleton – Managing Director

The exterior of your home can be finished off to suit your taste and your budget, but not all homes have the integral strength, we at The Steel Framing Company provide, as the foundation for your home.

There is a wide range of options available with our light gauge steel framing systems. You could order one of our standard designs or we can work together to conceive a plan with you which suits you and your family – a plan that you and your family can call home. You may even have your heart set on a particular design. We will work with you to achieve your goals with your budget in mind.

frames and trusses with roof Uralla NSW

We have a reputation for quality and precision that is respected by many a home owner and builders alike. Save money as an ‘owner builder’ and build the home you have always wanted to for a fraction of the cost.

There is plenty of steel in our homes…. we don’t work to minimums. ‘Overkill’ is a word used by many a certifier and we don’t apologise for that. We are safe in the knowledge as the world’s climate is ever-changing and unpredictable that you will be safe in a TSFC home. We have stood the test of the elements.


One of our C2 homes withstood the test of cyclone Yasi in 2011 which was a category C5 cyclone. Another of our homes in Hakuba in Japan sustained no damage from a 7.2 magnitude earthquake. They also had 30m of snowfall throughout the first snow season it was built with no damage.

Gympie skillion roof

We provide homes throughout Australia and throughout the Asian Pacific region.

TSFC is a ‘Marketplace Leader’ – whether you are after steel wall frames, steel roof trusses, raised steel sub-floor system or a strong webbed floor joist for a mezzanine floor, TSFC are the company for your steel framing requirements.

TSFC – ‘Integrity by Design’

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